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Last week I moaned about the odd unseasonal rain, then I got happy when Helios stormed through the clouds with his sun chariot, now we have a heatwave…until Friday. Great news for tourists but for the rest of us it signals long days of tempers frayed by the heat culminating in….ELECTION WEEKEND.

And I am already annoyed. I wanted to upload a video from YouTube of Marilyn Monroe singing Tropical Heatwave to accompany this post, but I canned that idea poste haste when I saw that the little advert that pops up for those of us in Hellas is to promote the pro-austerity PASOK political party. And well…I am NOT advertising Venizelos. So alas…perhaps the gorgeous pic below by aramismarron from deviant art will help you imagine Marilyn’s curvy hips gently swaying as she huskily sings “we are having a heatwave, a tropical heatwave…the temperature is rising…” 

And the temperature is rising in more than one way. The foreign media continue to speculate about a ‘Grexit’. The EU and pro-austerity parties still insist on trying to frame the elections as an ‘in or out of the EU’ scenario. Just hearing pro-austerity dynastic parties insisting that to vote for anyone other than them is to vote for leaving the EU is enough to make many people’s blood boil. Especially considering that there is no mechanism to evict Greece from the EU against its will. A little fact that does not seem to concern Angela Merkel at all. I can almost hear the words to Irving Berlin’s song…

The temperature is rising, it isn’t surprising, she certainly can can can. She started a heatwave, by letting her seat wave, in such a way, that customers say that she certainly can can can.


Local headlines are just a collection of intimidation tactics combined with carefully worded (not so subtle) threats and innuendos warning people not to vote for the Radical Left Coalition, Syriza.  They are selling ‘The Hope’ that, after recent indications from Brussels, the terms of the infamous memorandum may be up for negotiation if the correct parties are voted for. No one seems to want to talk about how this ‘miraculous about-face’ happened after Spanish banks got bailed out with no austerity conditions.


The sun is beating down. It is as hot as hell out there. It is almost time for a ‘Mexican stand-off’ at High Noon.