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“One ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them…” JRR Tokien

 I do not have much to say about the election results. Last night I lay quietly on the couch and watched the numbers flicker on the screen while on-line the rage at the outcome began. This morning I quietly read the newspapers hailing the results. They seem filled with apparent relief…statements like ‘breathing room for euro-crisis’, ‘Greeks choose austerity’, ‘Greece saves Europe’…

Statements that illustrate how far removed the rest of the world is from the reality of what the average person in Hellas must now face. Results that illustrate how divided this country and its people are. Some awoke this morning to celebrate what has come to pass. They share the relief of those who wrote the morning headlines. Others awoke to yet another day on the Titanic, heading directly for the iceberg. The hope of jumping ship is gone, for now…

And try as I may I cannot find any common ground with those who would find joy or relief in Greece having to uphold the Memorandum of Understanding.

How can an ordinary person, battling to survive or seeking employment, possibly be relieved at what the Memorandum has reduced them to? People, stripped of their humanity, reduced to being referred to as ‘units of labour’ in their country of birth. People whose salaries have and will be cut are referred to simply as ‘reductions in unit labour costs’. The thousands of ‘units of labour’ who will be retrenched are merely ‘improving the competitiveness of the public and private sector’. The reforms to the labour laws that will allow employers to dismiss their ‘units of labour’ without due cause or due notice simply become an ‘elimination of rigidities’ in the lingo of Memorandum.  The state (i.e. the Greek collective) owning key assets in their own country is ‘an obstacle to the private sector’ from the perspective of those who wrote this heinous document.

And I could go on and on, point by point…showing how the Memorandum is the modern method of raping and pillaging a region. Indeed maybe I should go on and on, but I actually physically cannot.

So let the world be relieved. Let them celebrate this ‘great victory’. Party on, Orcs of the world…I will be the one with my head in the toilet, trying to purge myself of the foul taste left in my mouth…