Lesley M is a freelance writer who lives on the island of Lesbos in Greece.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Lesley,
    You’re blog is great. I’ve looked for this sort of commentary for a while so thanks for doing it.

    I’d love your thoughts on how tourists might be received in Mytilene this summer. I’m planning on a 5 week stay with my four children, husband and in-laws and am getting more nervous by the day.

    On the one hand I LOVE Greece and want to add to the economy by coming but can’t imagine how the people might feel seeing tourists when they’re experiencing such pain. Will we still feel as safe as every other time we’ve been to the island?

    I’d love your thoughts.

    • Barb, you and your family would be sight for sore eyes for so many people here that have been affected by daily cancellations of tourists who are concerned about coming. I cannot find any reason why you would not treated as you have always been. Everyone makes huge efforts to keep things ‘business as usual’. You may have to listen to a little more moaning than usual from locals you may know or get friendly with, but aside from that (and the increased taxes and ferry prices) everything should be normal. The unseasonal rain has cleared up this week and the weather is perfect for the beach at the moment. Hot by not heatwave hot, with a cool breeze every now and then. You will however see the signs of the crisis wherever you go. The unmaintained ancient sites, the closed shops, the graffiti that has not been removed, the reduced amounts of ferries and flights, etc. These unfortunately are inevitable, although they will sadden anyone who loves this beautiful country. Lesvos has not been affected as badly as Athens though. Some of the restaurants or shops may no longer be open or have moved, but if you ask around when you get here you should be able to find out where they are now or what the best alternatives are. Thankfully the islands have been spared the food problems of the mainland but then even during WW2 the islands fared much better than the mainlands because of the close proximity of fresh produce.

      Trust me, Barb, with businesses suffering as they are, everyone will be very happy to see you. The fact that it is not so crowded may even improve the service you get. It certainly will improve your odds of getting a decent seaside table in the busy tavernas. I kind of like it when it is not so crowded. Swimming and going to the beach is better too.

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